A unique center concept combining trade, learning, entertainment and community services.

Enhancing quality of life for the millions of unemployed young people in non-urban Africa while making a proper fiscal return on the investment.

A true impact business.

Our Supporting Partners

The Concept

Global River Center A/S will roll out its unique centre concept applying a social enterprise approach that is established to reverse urbanisation and enhance inclusive economic development and democratisation.

It achieves this by combining trade, learning, fun and communication in ways that improve quality of life for particularly the youth in non-urban Africa.

These elements are combined and housed within a state of the art sustainable centrethe River Center (see architects concept below). These centres will be built with innovative construction practices and using sustainable and resource neutral techniques.
Hereby, supporting UN’s 17 SDG’s, either directly or indirectly, and having a great positive impact through creating circular economy.

The Synergy

The strength of the River Center concept rests on the harnessing of synergies generated from combining (in new ways) known and well-tested elements such as trade, skills development, entertainment, IT, communication and building infrastructure.

These combinations and hence the synergy are made possible through technology, connectivity, eco-friendly construction and scale. They should prove attractive to smart city and climate investments. 



The River Trading Hub – Convenience, transactions.
Example: Supermarket, Local trade, Stores, Café’s.


River Entertainment Hub – Fun, joy, infotainment, bonding.
Example: Multimedia, Radio, Cinema, Events, Festivals, Weddings, sport and cultural activities.


The River Community Hub – River Community Hub provides an environment for local community gatherings.
For example: chief consultations and traditional functions and events, public meetings, public services like health and extension services, and faith-based services.


The River Learning Hub – Empowerment, inclusive and sustainable growth.
Example: Audiotorium, learning spaces, e-learning, Practical skill development, library, computers.


Each River Center has a state-of-the-art sustainable infrastructural design with a minimum size of 2000m2.
It consists of a flexible and modular steel support structure combined with locally made/sourced materials. GRC will provide free WIFI in the centers and will to the degree possible connect the catchment area.

The Need

“The River Center is exactly what we need. We want to be the first area having a River Center. The area needs this – we are ready.”

Ambassador Nana Effah-Apenteng,  Omanhene of Bompata Traditional Area

“The River Center concept is reassuring and timely. I see it as a unique and viable way of transforming the unemployed youth into valuable assets for development through community building, job creation and provision of social amenities in rural Ghana. This is an opportunity for all of us to tap in and would want to encourage communities to embrace this concept for accelerated socio-economic development.”

Amerley Ollennu Awua-Asamoa, Ambassador of Ghana to the Kingdom of Denmark

“We have a community center stranding obsolete and youth hanging around in boredom not attending school. We have been struggling to find ways to engage them, the River Center is exactly what we need.”

Osabarima Ansah Sasraku III, Mamfehene & Kyidomhene of Akuapem

The leadership and responsibility for building Africa rests squarely on Africans. The River Centers are relevant contributors to reinforce inclusive rural community development. Not least with its focus on empowering and supporting the youth and intergenerational relationship building for future development. 

Dr. Jonas Chianu

Principal Agricultural Economist. AfDB – Ivory Coast 

“I want to support this, this is needed. Even beyond the city border jurisdiction of Accra – I will be able to facilitate the support beyond too.”

Hon Mayor of Accra, Agyei Sowah, Ghana

“This is good. We need this in Kenya and we need it more than ever, as social structures are breaking up and investments tend to be more and more concentrated around the cities.”

Christine Misiko, UNDP, Kenya,
Business Sector Support Programme

“It is exactly the combination of trade and community activities and learning that match the current need in Kenya right now – this is brilliant. Trade does not do it alone.”

Gervase Wakoli, Kenya Industrial
Research and Development Institute

“This is very interesting – I can see the huge potential in this.”

Dr Julius Muia,

Principal Secretary in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance

“Global River Center is an ambitious initiative that combines business opportunities, learning and community outreach in creating opportunities for young people in Ghana. Adding to this a sustainable business model and placing it all inside a sustainable building, it ticks all the boxes. We fully support this project and wish you all the best”

Naja Møller Jørgensen
Head of Trade at Royal Danish Embassy in Accra, Ghana

Our Team

Global River Center is made up of the ideal constellation of:

Bambwa Group, headed by Michael Mathiesen & Sociabilty, headed by Elizabeth Boye.

In the creation of an idea to build commercial malls in semi-rural Africa with a transaction-driven approach, Michael came together with Elizabeth. Elizabeth had been looking for the opportunity to employ responsible business and Public-Private Partnerships professionalism to develop non-urban Africa, through the drivers of change approach, and in this bringing together partnerships, education and infrastructure.
In coming together the concept of Global River Center emerged.

With Michael’s experience in business development, financing and business at scale, as well as great experience with the African context and seeing the opportunities in the growth of non-urban Africa, and Elizabeth’s experience in multi-stakeholder management and establishing economic incentive based collaborative processes between the public and private sectors, as well as a passion for development in Africa, this has made the ideal match for the creation of Global River Center.

Together this constellation brings high level of experience and professionalism in the African context and establishes a social economical corporation to reduce urbanisation and enhance democratisation and inclusive economic growth in non-urban Africa.

Elizabeth Boye


Elizabeth is the renowned Responsible Business and Cross-Sector Partnerships for Growth professional. She has more than 26 years of experience working in various Southern, Western and Eastern African as well as South Eastern Asian countries for an impressive range of governments, international corporations and development institutions.

Always with a regional development focus, she programmed the COOP Savannah brand and programmed the Nordzucker sourcing. She was the program director for the CSR Juice Platform, mobilizing all stakeholders in the juice sector for pre-competitive cooperation on responsible business development. She prepared the FanMilk Nigeria for sale and she build the capacity of the business association organizing the exporting 5000 RMG factories in Bangladesh to mention a few. She advised all IFU partner companies in Sub-Saharan Africa on the implementation of the IFU CSR policy.

She advised Government of Kenya, the National Economic and Social Council, on how to make the Public Private Partnership (PPP) work for the implementation of the National Development Plan (Vision2030). For the Government of Bangladesh she advised on effective implementation of the ADB SESIP PPP mandate within the National Education Policy, including the establishment of an operational platform for stimulation of public private innovation. Further, her work included input to PPP policy drafting processes in Ghana and Bangladesh and much more.

She educated and provided advice to more than 600 high level decision and policy makers in how to make cross-sector partnership work for effective public and private service delivery in Danida programme countries across the globe, particularly in East and West Africa.

Furthermore she is external course coordinator and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, sole owner of Sociability and CEO of Global River Center.

Michael Mathiesen


Michael holds more than 30 years international business experience, with focus on Information Technology, Telecom and eCommerce. He has been hands-on involved in more than 325 international investments in Europe, US, Canada, Russia, UAE, Taiwan, China and West Africa. 2 of them becoming Unicorns.

Michael has experience from 9 IPOs (Stockholm, Copenhagen and London) and more than 35 trade sales. He has served as a non-exec board member in more than 100 international private, public and government companies as well as the board of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

Michael is currently engaged as CEO of Bambwa Group, a Nordic-African investment company. He is using his expertise as a global business leader and his experience from over 10 years working on the African continent to help establish a new wave of cross-continent investment, development and economic bridge-building.

Sandra Petersen


Sandra Petersen is a researcher at Global River Center. She is researching funding and strategic partnership opportunities, doing research for concept development as well as SoMe content. She has a broad background with a B.Sc. in Information Science and Cultural mediation, where she did a field study on Zambia’s possibilities to become an information society.

Moreover, she has an MA in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation gaining experience in multi-stakeholder management and engagement, and she has experience with project designing through volunteering with the Turkish organisation System and Generation, creating a project for cultural understanding between Turkey and The EU. 

Our Advisory Board

The Global River Center is a multi-functional center concept. To support the roll-out we draw on expertise from highly renowned professionals within the various fields that we combine in the center concept.

Fredua Dankwa

CEO Bambwa Group Ghana,
Country Manager Ghana.

Kaliefah Soko Sackor

CEO Bambwa Group Liberia,
Country Manager Liberia.

Karol Marcinkowski

Civil Engineer, International development consultant.

DJ Black

Broadcast Journalist, DJ, host own
Studio. 500k followers on social media.

Morten Schmidt

Award winning architect, with extensive international experience.

Jørgen Skov

International retail professional.

Niels Christian Nielsen

Education specialist.

Kathrine Heiberg

Behavior based shopping mall design professional.

Kjeld Lercke

IT and AI specialist.

Stine Birk

Institutional investors and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure projects.

Niels Lindsay Vinding

Energy economics, energy strategy, energy projects, and sustainable energy

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